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About Hypno Counseling and HypoTapping

Hypno Counseling

This is an induced state of relaxation, iniated by deep breathing. Hypnosis is a tool to help individuals to maximize their performance in all their endeavors, by shifting perception from negative to positive and then reprograms it for success.

Joy has attended two schools of Hypnosis and is a certified Hypno-Counselor. Joy incorporates both Regression and Progression in her sessions enabling one to heal the past and co-create the future.

HypnoTapping Energy Therapy   Energy Modality with Meridians and Hypnosis

This involves Tapping on Energy meridian acupoints, combined with hypnosis techniques for the elimination of stress, issues, and addictions.

Joy has completed and is certified in Hypno Tapping Energy, instructed by Dr. John Gatto and Dr. T. DeMarco.

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